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ELE believes in creating effective learning environments for children and the people who educate them. We focus on bringing out the best in people by making learning fun. ELE designs behavioral curriculums and trainings which are guided by the principles of behavior analysis. Our programs are uniquely designed for each client and are based on assessments, direct observation and interaction. At ELE, we encourage collaborative input from every person who works with our client (such as parents/caregivers, agencies, paraprofessionals, tutors and professionals). To us, effective learning environments are places where individualized needs are addressed in supportive and positive atmospheres. Thus measurable and observable differences are made in our clients.

ELE's Philosophy

  • ELE believes that the best learning takes place in dependable and reliable environments. Therefore, it is essential that clients can depend on ELE to be there when they need support and can rely on ELE to always make decisions based on their best interests.
  • ELE believes that a learner's performance is a reflection of the instructor's performance. If the leaner is not learning, then it is our job to assess and change the teaching situation so that learning occurs.
  • ELE believes in teaching people WHY we do things instead of just teaching them what to do. Being able to implement a program in a committed and successful way requires an understanding of the reasons behind the different components of the program. We have found that when people understand the reasons behind what they do it creates longer lasting and more flexible behavior changes.
  • ELE believes in it is essential to teach our clients problem-solving skills as opposed to just rote-responding. We cannot teach our learners everything about the world. Thus, our programs are designed to focus on first teaching fundamental skills and then how to combine these fundamental skills to generate novel, complex responses.
  • ELE believes that improvements in our clients need to be determined by objective performance measures. While subjective approaches or “gut-feelings” may be attractive at times, they are ultimately inconsistent and unreliable. As such, ELE is committed to relying on only objective performance measures to guide the development of our behavioral curriculums and trainings.
  • ELE believes that people learn best when they are motivated by fun and positive experiences. We understand that our trainings become a large and important part of our client’s lives. It is thus essential to us that our learners and their staff look forward to their learning sessions and reflect on them as positive experiences that they wish to repeat.
  • ELE believes in teaching by example. To us, this means two things: First, if we recommend a teaching procedure or change then we must be able to directly demonstrate how to perform the recommendation. Second, because ELE encourages staff to create fun and positive environments for their learners, then we must in-turn, create fun and positive learning environments for the staff we train.

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