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Services Overview

At ELE, we specialize in developing school and home behavioral programs for children aged 2-14 with language or social deficits, developmental delays, and/or problem behaviors. Our programs and procedures focus on teaching spontaneous language, social, and self-help skills, while reducing each child’s individual problem behaviors. When developing our programs we place a heavy emphasis on teaching language (e.g., functional communication, initiation, conversational skills, verbal behavior, etc...) and social skills (e.g., positive interactions with others, game play, spontaneous play, perspective taking/theory of mind, etc...).  We place a great emphasis on language and social skills because these are pivotal skills which when neglected can have adverse effects on other aspects of the learner's life (e.g., behavior problems, academics, problem-solving, etc...).

ELE's one-to-one therapy services are for children who do not need as intensive therapy programs or can be used to supplement their already existing services.  Our therapy services focus on keeping the learner highly engaged during intensive behavior therapy sessions.  Depending on the learner's needs, our sessions are a mix of natural, play-based therapy along with a mix of discrete trial, structured teaching.  

ELE’s consultation services include designing individualized behavioral programs, as well as training parents and staff in implementing, monitoring and updating programs based on each child’s individual progress. We design our programs for each client to become more functionally and socially independent. Our services are continually adapted and refined based on objective metrics to best meet our client’s changing needs.

ELE’s hands-on, interactive workshops train professionals, paraprofessionals, and caregivers to apply the principles of applied behavior analysis and verbal behavior in teaching children with autism and other developmental disabilities. We provide both introductory workshops focusing on effective program implementation and more advanced customized workshops on a variety of topics such as program development, advanced implementation, verbal behavior and monitoring issues.

Therapy Services

ELE provides direct, individualized one-to-one therapy services for children who may not need full intensive programs. These services are typically used to target a specific deficit (e.g., spontaneous language, perspective taking, spontaneous play, social skills) or a behavior problem (e.g., feeding issues, difficulty transitioning, difficulty waiting, difficulty attending).  These sessions may occur either 1 to 3 times per week, depending on the need of the learner. Our therapy sessions focus on keeping our learners highly motivated and engaged so that the effects of learning are maximized during our sessions.  We have been frequently told by both parents and the learners themselves that our therapy sessions are the highlight of our client's week.  

Our behavior therapy sessions are conducted on-site where the problem behavior or skill deficit may have its greatest impact. On-site therapy also increases the likelihood of generalization of the taught skills.  We also require parent, teacher, or caregiver support in ensuring that the learned skills are generalizing. 

Unfortunately, our therapy services are only available for clients who live within the vicinity of one of our BCBAs.  We have long-distance consultation services (see below) for those who cannot access our on-site services on a weekly basis.  

Consultation Services

ELE provides a range of consultation services for each behavioral program we undertake. Our services include on-site analysis, program design, program troubleshooting, video review, telephone conferences, individualized reports, and hands-on training.


Consultation services typically first begin with a conversation between the family/caregiver and the consultant. In this conversation, the consultant focuses on understanding the family/caregiver and client’s needs and answering any questions about ELE services and approach.

Next, the consultant conducts an assessment and observation of the client to develop initial behavioral objectives with the team, such as language acquisition or reduction of problem behaviors. The consultant also focuses on determining the presence of any idiosyncratic behaviors which interfere with learning (e.g., chain responses, avoiding teaching materials, prompt-dependency, etc.).

Thereafter, the consultant designs specific, individualized teaching procedures for each behavioral objective based on the principles of applied behavior analysis and verbal behavior. To ensure a high learning rate, the consultant tailors these procedures based upon the client’s particular strengths and weakness. Such programs are designed to both decrease the learner’s idiosyncratic behaviors which interfere with learning and facilitate the acquisition of target behaviors.

Finally, the consultant trains the team how to implement each teaching procedure directly with the client and explains why each specific procedure is necessary to achieve the behavior goals. After training the team, the consultant provides necessary follow-up consultations and services by continually monitoring the client’s progress and ensuring treatment efficacy and development. Should ELE cease to work with the client for any reason each of our consultants is obliged both ethically and contractually to assist in the relevant transition.

Two Types of Consultation Services

ELE provides both local and long distance consultation services. All services begin with an initial 30-minute to 1-hour telephone consultation to allow the consultant to learn about the needs of the client and allow the parent/caregivers to learn more about the consultant and ELE.

  • Local Consultation
    This service is provided to clients who live within 1-hour driving distance of one of our BCBAs. The consultant meets for 2-4 hours on-site with the team and learner either weekly or twice monthly depending on the needs of the client and team.
  • Long-Distance Consultation
    This service is provided to clients who do not live within 1-hour driving distance of one of our BCBAs. The consultant meets for 1-3 days (6-8 hours per day) on-site with the team and learner. These on-site consultations are scheduled every 4-12 weeks depending on the needs of the client and the team. Between these on-site consultations, continual monitoring (in the form review of video, data sheets, and graphs) and continual contact with the consultant (via either email or teleconference) are mandatory to ensure the effectiveness of ELE treatment. The consultant and the team will together determine a schedule based on the client’s particular needs and the team will be responsible for meeting the terms of the schedule and for providing the consultant with data for continual monitoring.


ELE provides 2-3 day workshop trainings covering topics such as introduction to the use of applied behavior analysis and verbal behavior in educational programs, establishing applied behavior analysis and verbal behavior programs, social skills, and decreasing problem behaviors. We also provide individualized and tailored workshops based on the needs of our audience. Our workshops are designed for parents, tutors, teachers, paraprofessionals, therapists, and professionals. Because people learn best through active participation, our workshops involve hands-on practice with immediate feedback, worksheets, Q&A sessions, and learning games. We also use video examples of actual clients to model proper techniques and to provide real examples of the covered topics.


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